Follow The Process

Receiving Materials

After we receive the material for a job and verify that the material meets our high standards and comes with the proper certification documents, we detail the steps of manufacture through a production router. Once we confirm the required sizes and shapes of the material, the material is logged in, affixed with an identification tag and in-house certification and put into a holding area until it is ready to be modified, if required.

Adapting Materials for the Job

Raw materials will be modified, if required through the process of cutting, polishing, bending, etc. to ready raw material for further manufacturing. We subscribe to the policy of “measure twice, cut once”. Once the materials meet the specifications on the router, they are turned over to our inspector for a final verification, tagged with the corresponding job details, then placed in a specified area relating to that customer and router.

Programming for CNC

Our highly experienced and talented programmer studies the blueprint provided in the production router to design a plan to manufacture the part with a minimum of processes, with the least burrs, and as close to the finished product as possible. He or she is experiences in the science of considering and consolidating the many various factors involved: qualities of the material, use of coated or non-coated tools, how to secure and inspect the material during the operation, the force that the material endure, etc. After thoroughly analyzing these different variables for the job, our programmer writes a manufacturing program that will be loaded into the CNC machine.

Set Up of the CNC

Before the actual production takes place, our set-up machinist reviews the very specific information with the programmer: the program, production router, required set of tools and a detailed list of instructions on how to perform the set-up process. The proper tools are loaded into the machine’s hopper in the right order. To ensure immovability during the manufacturing process, the material is correctly oriented and then affixed securely into position to the table with clamps or other acceptable means of securing the material.

Manufacturing Process

While the job operation is underway, our machinist uses a designated and validated set of tools to measure surfaces and verify the dimensions of threads, hole diameters and all other dimensions. Once the first part has produced, the machinist takes it to our inspector to have it signed off before he can continue the manufacturing operation. We check every first part every time.


Quality control is critical in our business, and inspections are vital at each and every stage. We handle the finished parts of each job as if they are all fragile. To avoid contact with another part when stacked or racked, foam or other buffering material is placed between each part. Our inspection tools (both automatic and manual), are calibrated regularly according to ISO compliance standards. This assures you that we are fabricating quality parts on time, every time. If the parts are deburred and polished, they are inspected again to be sure that the parts are clean of debris. If parts are sent for outside processing (anodizing, powder coating, magnaplating, etc), we inspect them once more when they are back in our shop to test the processing. These parts go through the receiving process as if they are a new receipt of material.


To prepare for shipping, the inspected parts are washed with a residue-free product, force air dried and then wrapped carefully in damage-proof padding to ensure that they are delivered safely. We make shipments via FedEx, UPS or your specified shipment method. If your Company is local, the parts are hand-delivered by one of our employees. Your completed order will include all of our inspection reports, material certifications and certificates of conformance. After we receive confirmation that the shipment has been sent out, we will send you your invoice by your preferred method of delivery: email, US Mail, or hand-delivered with the product. We include signed packing slips with our invoices for ease of processing by your Accounts Payable department.